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Social Media Integration is coming to Inclr!

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To be honest, social media is something I am personally not fond of. So much so that I really detest going onto their platforms. So I'm an anti-tech tech guy, kind of. That said, I can't deny how social networks also equate to groups and communities of people that form connections perhaps otherwise impossible. Whilst less deep, these connections are made up for as the potential for deeper connections. At a conversion rate of perhaps 0.01%?

With this in mind, Inclr is steering towards the second stage. We are connecting more services to Inclr so that we, visual thinkers, get to enjoy information management from a central visual source, branching out, reaching out to the rest of the world from it. I won't catch every aspect of life, but I think starting with social networks are a good first step. Reaching out to communities through the comfort of our visual intelligence rather than get bombarded with poorly structured information elsewhere.

One aspect I find that works for me is that by sharing from Inclr to social media, I don't have to get distracted or enter into that world in order to reach it. I can share to Facebook without getting into Facebook. That sense of detachment counters the addictive behaviour these services want you to exhibit. This is probably one reason I detest social media. It's not the connections I hate, but rather the whole premise feels warped. Often, we get steered into certain directions in life if we give in. When do we know when to stand ground or let go? Addictive behaviours, the few we give into, are just that. Which do let let define who we are and which do we try to avoid?

Look out for Inclr Pro Social Media features in the next update!

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