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New Collections! Major/Medium Update

As Inclr pushes forward to explore the potential of visual productivity, we have updated the app with a new set of features. We introduce Collections.

The idea of Collections is to direct and guide your productivity with Inclr via a templated space / experience.

To explore our current collections, you simply open the previous Spaces menu. We added a left column to access Collections. The basic collections are added to this update with more to come.

The idea behind the Note and Calendar Collection is to begin to surface the act of productivity closer to the front. Previously Inclr embodied productivity via curation - meaning you curate an inclr and then do the producitvity. Collections hope to skip the curation part and just enjoy the Inclr way of organising.

You have a simple To Do inclr and some Calendar Inclrs to explore. Have a go! And send us some feedback!

The Brain Collection is the beginning of Obsidian like graphic mapping. It currently showcases all your Inclrs in one space. We will be adding more graphical relationships soon.

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