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Inclr Demo

Concept Mapping with inclrs

Editing an inclr

Using Entries

Mindmap View Mode and Drag to Add


Available within the Inclr app


How Private is Inclr?

We are a small company aiming to help change the world. We aren’t interested in selling your data. Your data is completely owned by you offline and online in iCloud. Inclr uses Apple ID to sign into iCloud. It’s secure. In fact we can’t even access you iCloud email.

About the Trial

Once the trial expires, you will be automatically subscribed via Apple In-App Purchase.. This is setting is part of the App Store policy for Trials. You can cancel anytime before the trial finishes in the Apple Subscription settings.

About Payment.

The Monthly and Yearly payment are auto-renew subscriptions. The One-Time Payment is a one-off purchase*. The purchase is universal across iPhone, iPad and Mac Inclrs.

Is Inclr actively being developed?

Absolutely! We’re here to stay. We are actively improving everything in Inclr, including this website! We are only around 30% of the way to where Inclr should be in the near future.

Will Inclr ever shut down?

Inclr will never shut down. Inclr is a long term project constantly evolving. We’re serious enough to patent Inclr, an expensive and lengthy process!

Inclr seems buggy and rough around the edges.

Inclr is always innovating and progressing. We are also a small team. Inclr is also quite complex, handling many different kinds of frameworks and unifying everything into one user experience. For this reason, there will be minor bugs along the way. However, support is normally quick and resolved with an app update within a week or so.

Inclr is different to normal mindmappers?

We believe mindmapping should be a general concept involving a visual method to map the mind. Inclr is made for creating a second brain, rather than brainstorming like most mind mappers. That said, we are also actively importing normal mindmap features into Inclr.

When was Inclr invented?

November 2015.

Patented on 7th January 2016 in Hong Kong.

Patent Pending in US, UK and China.

Does Inclr export to other mind mappers?

Inclr doesn't current export to other mind mappers outside of standard formats. Inclr exports screenshots and Entries as html, text and images. It also shares inclrs and backups as a zip file of its database and assets. 

Where is Inclr being developed?

Sydney Australia.

Inclr Limited remains in Hong Kong.

I love Inclr but there's features missing.

Write to us! We are always happy to implement a feature request. If it’s simple, it can be done in a week! Inclr is constantly improving.

How do you pronounce Inclr?


How was the name derived?

  • Information Cluster

  • Inclusive

  • Inclosure

  • In-Circles

  • Inkling

Is Ken really an architect?

Yep. His passion is designing buildings you have never seen before. With Inclr he's found his life mission to design space with data and emotions and to innovate on every level in an attempt to bring forth a cyberspace that has been designed for us, not for a search engine.

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