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What is Inclr?

Your Brain is a muscle that needs structure to process information

Inclr organizes your data into Information Clusters

Designed for your Brain

what is a mind map
Emotional, visual and tactile feedback

Each inclr is designed like a home for your data. It houses your thoughts with an inner and outer layer. Nodes surrounding the circle are like subfolders, and can contain and supports any kind of file and content. Graphically customizable each inclr has its own feel and life of its own.

Collective thoughts visualized with ease

Combining the idea that each inclr is like a home, then linked inclrs form a digital city of your thoughts. Each inclr adding to the collective identity of each networked cluster. An expansive memory mansion that feels like home, rather than an overwhelming array of 1s and 0s. 

mind map notes
mindmap osx

Use Cases

●  Research Topics
●  Life Planner
●  Brainstorming
●  Daily Browser
●  Note taking
●  Tasks
●  Multiple Project Manager
●  Memory Mansion
mind map template for students

Mental Wellness + Productivity

Life shouldn't be all about efficiency. Effective balancing of life includes the health of the whole. Try this with Inclr, and you'll see a different feel to your information that you've never experienced before

Powerful Daily Tools Built-in

Inclr isn't just a mind maps or a note-taker. We've taken the power of dedicated tools and combined them with the ease of daily tools. Why limit yourself with standalone tools that break your second brain into a zillion pieces?
Web Browser Sessions 
Note taker with Markdown
Advanced Tasks w/ Templates
PDF Creation Tools
Social Media Sharing 20+ channels
Reminder & Timer Organizers
Synced Sharing
Map Search with Pins
CRM Manager
Photo Albums
RSS & Podcast Reader

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