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Tips for Inclr: Sync

Here are some tips and things to look out for when using Inclr:

  1. Sync: at the moment syncing in Inclr involves two separate processes. Documents including any file imported and pictures, are synced in the background using iCloud. Sometimes iCloud does not work, so resetting the device often helps.

  2. Sync: the other process involves syncing the database. This is tricky as the database is one file. So any syncing current requires you to make changes on one device at a time. Making changes on multiple devices is currently not recommended and data loss could result.

  3. Alert when sync is ready: An alert show when sync from another device is ready to download onto your current device. Once again, any changes you made before this sync will be lost, so please be careful with how you sync

  4. Updates to the syncing engine will be made available soon, where you will not have to worry about data loss.


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