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Versatile Tool for Second Brains

Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Mind Maps that
help you remember

mind map organizer

Improve Focus & Reduce Anxiety

An inclr is a graphical information cluster. We patented a system to help visualise your data by creating a structured method to store impressions into memory. Train muscle memory spinning nodes to increase data retention. Reduce information overload and create better balance in your digital life.

Powerful Linked Knowledge Manager

Create relationships and groups to map your mind into a second brain. Unlike other mindmapping software, Inclr is made to store information deeply by organising your life into clusters. Each inclr and group can contain thousands of data points. Navigate easily by color and touch.

Mindmap Notes & Ideas
best mindmap software for notes

Organize Life From Different Views

The way you view your information changes the way the information is processed. A change of context or environment provides new insights for the same data.

Explore all of our View Modes:

List, Mind Map, Concept Map, World, 3D and Augmented Reality.

All in One App
For Creativity 

Support for everything.
Stop switching 
apps &
Breaking your train of thought.
Plan, research and create all in one place.
Build information clusters into second brains
mindmap software

Inspired by Architecture
Designed by an Architect

Read about Ken’s journey from architecture into technology, combining data knowledge with graphics and space

What People Are Saying


You Need Inclr

Inclr provides me the ability to organize everything in an efficient and visually appealing way which facilitates productivity and conceptual theorizing like I’ve never experienced. I’d honestly been looking for something like this for years. I kept switching the apps/methods of organization and it just became a jumbled mess with information in several different places. Inclr is conducive to high-level cognitive functioning.

Joelle, USA

Inclr is Amazing!

Inclr has broken the rules of the conventional method for memorisation. The graphical approach it uses to store information is in accordance with how our neural network is built, which is a genuine way of how we think. Thank you for your commitment for this beautiful and amazing app.

Katherine, China

Love it!

What I like about Inclr, in no particular order: I love the visual aspect - I have ready access to multiple Inclrs from one screen on my iPad and can drill down from there - a lot of information fits nicely into a relatively small screen without feeling cramped or lost from sight… For the first time, I actually prefer my digital journal over my scattered paper journals.

Wanda, USA

Amazing Vision from this creator

I've discovered Inclr almost a year ago and It keep getting better and better. I'm always excited to see what innovation is emerging. This guy is always evolving his vision. a true inspiration in design.

Troy, USA

For me the best To Do List ever 

If you are bored from standard listing To Do because you’re a visual creative mind - here you are! Flexible and easy to handle. Perfect for sorting an overloaded mind and create an efficient ToDo out of your thoughts. The graphics did the rest for me that I like it so much 

RaphaSh, USA

Game Changing App Highly Recommended

You must try this app! It's a game-changer in the way it makes it possible to get through your day online. Inclr is a rich and multifaceted app with an elegant approach to centralising, accessing and composing all your information on your devices.

Em, Australia

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