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Inclr Wow! Amazing App! I have always dreamt of developing something similar to this myself. In fact, I’m so inspired, I might start laying down some of my ideas! I use DEVONthink at the moment but it seems that Inclr in (with some additions and improvements) would be sufficient to drop DEVONthink and that cursed folder hierarchy. 



Great looking, Outstanding interface

Outstanding application!! As a general note taker, document viewer, multimedia viewer and so much more, this app pretty much does it all with outstanding, useful features in each sub-application of the app. I was 1st drawn in by the user interface, then after realizing the power behind the pretty face, I knew that Inclr would be a real winner. I've only mentioned a portion of its full capabilities, but very few apps of this type cover as much content as Inclr does. That being said Inclr deserves my highest praise. Great Job!!

lower liquid, USA


Game-Changer!! You need Inclr!

I began using Inclr for purposes of organizing my neuroscience-related research and theories/notes/ideas that result. I am also in the very beginning stages of an entrepreneurial venture for which I am developing a pitch deck. Inclr provides me the ability to organize everything in an efficient and visually appealing way which facilitates productivity and conceptual theorizing like I’ve never experienced. My favorite features are as follows:

1. Wide range of visual customization

2. Ability to import/merge/annotate content from what seems like every possible resource/platform

3. Ability to change visual mind map according to what I’m working on - I change it up depending on type of information and what I’m doing with it at that moment. 

4. The layers and node entries are a game changer


I’d honestly been looking for something like this for years. I kept switching the apps/methods of organization and it just became a jumbled mess with information in several different places. Inclr is conducive to high-level cognitive functioning. 


Joelle, USA


Game changing App Highly Recommended.

You must try this app! It's a game-changer in the way it makes it possible to get through your day online. Inclr is a rich and multifaceted app with an elegant approach to centralising, accessing and composing all your information on your devices. If you are a person who likes to be organised, Inclr's intuitive visuals will have you waving a happy goodbye to your bookmarks especially. It will revolutionise the way we work, research and make use of the vast amounts of information we deal with daily. Delivering the above is no mean feat in itself but I think Inclr has a Super Developer behind the wheel! This is the best support I've ever encountered for an app. They are so responsive and on the ball. That in fact every suggestion I have made to the developer has been implemented almost immediately. This is unheard of. Try this app now and see how a single app can change the way you work with and enjoy your mobile device.

Em, Australia


Love it!

What I like about Inclr, in no particular order: I love the visual aspect - I have ready access to multiple Inclrs from one screen on my iPad and can drill down from there - a lot of information fits nicely into a relatively small screen without feeling cramped or lost from sight. It is easy to give each Inclr and each node within an Inclr a visual personality. I love how the nodes ‘orbit’ the Inclr - again lots of information readily available without feeling cramped for lost from sight. I love all the different types of objects that can fit into any given node, and how each type of object is designed for a particular use - notes, sketches, photos, website links, etc, etc. - and so works really well for that use. There is no need to try to force all things into the form of a written page. I have used all kinds of things for digital note taking and journaling from OmniOutliner to Microsoft One Note, and all sorts of things in between. Inclr is the most effective tool of them all. You’ve made it easy for me to capture my projects, ideas, reference points, checklists, etc. quickly without the tool getting in the way, and the organization keeps it all readily at hand and easily found. For the first time, I actually prefer my digital journal over my scattered paper journals

Wanda, USA


For me the best ToDo List ever

If you are bored from standard listing ToDo because you’re a visual creative mind - here you are! Flexible and easy to handle. Perfect for sorting an overloaded mind and create an efficient ToDo out of your thoughts. The graphics did the rest for me that I like it so much ❤️

RaphaSH, USA

I like your app because there is the possibilty to visualize individual thoughts… There are so many apps to store individual thoughts. But your visualization is unique. Especially the possibility to use custom icons. In my opinion the full app shouldnt be free because its something that a lot of intelligent people need. It’s a great way to pick up your phone and dive into your own brain/universe…  Inclr is the greatest app to store individual data/information.”

Sir Gibson


Interesting Concept.

This flashy new app takes a somewhat fresh approach to notebook keeping. A bold graphical interface of circles which form hubs or 'clusters' of disparate digital information (hence the name, an abbreviation of Information Cluster). With the disappearance of browsers incorporating notetaking, Inclr fills a gap for research-based writing. Notwithstanding its less-than memorable name, here's hoping Inclr builds a loyal audience so that the product stays around long enough to justify committing notes into it!

Stevearcher, USA

I love what youre doing...I've been looking for this type of app for years and I feel we're (Inclr) getting closer to a huge breakthrough in data management....



Almost perfect!

I keep coming back to this app. It's gorgeous and smart and good enough to spend time writing this feedback!— I really want to use it, so I'll start with what I like: 1. Using images to create beautiful notes and 'spaces' is flexible and effectively flawless. 2. Powerful file processing, you really can collect whatever you want into one place. 3. Good business practice — there is no funny business. No ads, no pestering, no traps, the creators give a very generous opportunity to explore the app. 4. Packed with functions. There are apps claiming to be 'Swiss Army knives' that have fewer functions.

Deneyyapan, UK


Great app

“I use this to connect notes together on subjects I’m studying, This is a a cool tool to record and visualize data"

Isakg1994, USA


This app is brilliant!

I can finally store all my files in the same place and I'm free to visualise as I prefer. Inclr literally gives you the freedom to store any data format and at the same time customise everything at your will!”


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