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Our version of Cyberspace.

Inclr is heading towards a lofty goal — cyberspace. What does that actually mean? We don't know, but we have some idea. It kinda looks like the image below.

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The defined problem is: how can we inhabit a digital world? Think about this... We don't currently inhabit the Internet anymore more than we inhabit Mars. We can see it, understand it, and access it to a limited degree, but we don't live in it like we do with our homes. Even if we somehow did, there are two possible outcomes: 1) we get bored, 2) we go crazy.

The answer to this problem can be found in architecture. When our homes are boring, we spice it up. When it's too messy, we clean it up. The point is, we create a meaningful space, architects call it a sense of Place. It’s a place that works for us, not anyone else. It means it needs to be designed for us but also customizable by us.

So one day when we do go into the Internet, or cyberspace, it should be somewhere we want to be in and feel good to be in.

What's needed? A few things: visuals, customization, a sense of space, data and a delicate balance of not too much and not too little information. These are the basic ingredients of creating a place. In architectural terms we can talk about light, shadow, form and function. Converting such concepts is a challenge which Inclr is helping to unravel. Take note: converting ideas into form and solutions is one of the most difficult tasks for a designer, and very often we fail. See how many ugly buildings that have been built?

Our vision is in a cyberspace where self identity is not foregone in favor of more clicks. Where you can piece yourself together visually, and that data is not owned by anyone other than yourself. A place to commune and take your time; not all play or work, faster and make ever more short-term personal connections.

Is this a place we can all see the Internet is heading towards? There are conflicts and extreme dichotomies in today's digital world, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to head there.

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