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Inclr is not like other mindmapping software

Whilst Inclr is very much about mapping the mind, we don't take the normal approach of mindmapping, like the systems you find in other software. In fact the originator, Tony Buzan, the one who marketed the prevalent mindmapping system, adamantly limited the practice of mapping the mind to a tree hierarchy. We believe mapping the mind is a much more open concept, an organic process that doesn't need a tree to create structure.

Whilst trees are very effective, we also don't think our brains and our memories work in trees. We store impressions and cue these into memory. We don't remember logically, nor is our memory structured per se. We recall memory from other impressions, from long term and short term artifacts. We feel clustering, or concept mindmapping is more descriptive of this process, so we implemented this into Inclr. We even patented a structure for how each point in space can store and retrieve data. Check out Wikipedia for the most popular mind mapping tools.

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