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Visions for Inclr

There are several further products and core Inclr features that are up and coming. All are part of the Inclrverse.


As a solo developer a little support goes a long way! If you would like to support the Inclr vision, please click the Support Inclr World button below!

Image by Pablo García Saldaña

Inclr Vision

World's first circular UI navigation for the visually impaired.

API Connectors

Social, email, storage, CRM, lead and tons of api connectors are coming to Inclr!

Image by Louis Reed

Inclr Verse

Image by Austin Pacheco

Inclr Class

Inclr for kids and teachers! A visual system for learning and interactivity.

Image by israel palacio

Inter -Connected Brains

About the founder's mission

I'm on a mission to create a more visual way to organise and interact with our information. I'm a cutting edge designer using architectural principles to create a new spatial and visual collective intelligence system. If tomorrow's digital city was made by real architects/artists how much more wonderful would our digital world be? If we could visually interconnect multiple second brains together, how much more can we learn from and work with each other? 

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